A dream come true - on my own doorstep!!

This summer I had the opportunity to perform at a wedding at The Eden Project. It may not sound much to some but to me, having grown up in Cornwall and just discovered circus when the project opened (2001), my first thought when we went there that first time was ‘what an amazing place this would be to perform in’. Seventeen years later that dream would come true for me.

Time went by, I got my degree, travelled the world, went to circus school, etc etc, and then I finally moved back to Cornwall. Last Christmas we went to see the Festival of Light and Sound there and I thought to myself again, ‘what an amazing place this would be to perform in’. And then, eighteen months later, I found myself up in the air, looking down on a beautifully dressed wedding.

Man it was hot in there!! I guess I was lucky to be in the Mediterranean dome and not the tropical one! And as you climb higher on those silks it just gets hotter and hotter!!

I recently received some photos back from the amazing Alan Law and so wanted to take this opportunity to share them with you.

It certainly is exciting to travel the world with your work – Middle East... Asia…Turkey…Russia - but you really don’t have to go far to feel like you’ve achieved a bucket list tick!

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