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My return to the high life

Amy Nicholls and myself as stilt walking pirates...oo arrrr

This week I had the pleasure of my second ever stilts gig, performing with Amy from Lavrak, for Falmouth University’s Fresher’s Pirate Party…ooo arrrr!

I won’t lie and tell you I wasn’t nervous – I was a little bit. My one and only previous stilts gig was a few years ago, and it wasn’t my favourite thing to do. But I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself on Monday night.

From dressing up as a pirate (who wouldn’t find that fun?!) to the hair and make-up, and then finally adorning the knee pads and stilts and heading out into the throng of Freshers – witnessing some of them getting drunk for the first time ever! I know – I found that hard to believe, too. I even saw one boy who was drinking a glass of water before having his second alcoholic drink – good on him!

Once we were out there, I had a blast. I’m surprised at how many students asked us if we were Freshers as well. As if we would be coming to my Freshers ball on stilts! Thanks though – at 35 that’s quite a compliment :D

Strangely, I naturally found myself doing an Irish accent – odd seeing as I am Cornish, performing at a Cornish venue, playing a character that can have a very Cornish accent! I kept trying to come back to my native roots but the Irish took over!! I did educate a few on the dialect and the classic conversation consisting of “Awright aree” “Yeah you? “Yeeeah…you?” (and so on). It was a lot of fun!

And so now I feel my stilt walking fear is well and truly in the past – the second time didn’t hurt nearly as much as the first! Here’s to the next one.

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