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Hula Hoop Shop

Want to start your hula hoop journey but don't have a hoop? 

Custom made hula hoops for sale, hand made to order.  

Take a look through the tape choices, styles and inspirational pictures below.  Then go ahead and fill in the form, choosing your size and tape colours.  It is recommended to choose one shiny tape and one grip tape.  If you would like two grip tapes this will make the hoop heavier, which is great for learning on body hooping but can get heavy for anything off body.  Hoops are made with 20mm diameter MDPE piping (beginners) or Polypro and normally taped in a candy cane spiral.  If you have a dream pattern in mind, just get in touch and we'll see what we can do.  One of our favourite hoops this year was a rainbow hoop as a gift for an NHS worker.  

Once your order has been received we'll be in touch about payment and estimated delivery times.  Hoops can usually be made within 3 - 5 days of payment.


The nitty gritty...

* Basic hoop - one spiral of grip tape, the black piping underneath will show through and create the second colour.  These hoops are slightly lighter.  £15

* Classic hoop - two spirals of different tapes - recommended one shiny, one grip.  £22

* Polypro hoop - untaped in translucent piping. £20.50


* Polypro hoop - taped in same tape design as the Classic hoop but with polypro piping. £29.50

* Delivery

Collection from near Mabe Burnthouse, Penryn - free

Delivery to Penryn/Falmouth - £3.50

Delivery close to Penryn/Falmouth - potentially £6 or £7, please get in touch for availability.

Inspiration gallery
(please click on photo for tape names)
Available Tape colours

Grip Tape






Electric/Royal Blue

Navy Blue


Olive Green

Dark Green

Bright Yellow

Fluorescent Pink

Fluorescent Orange

Sparkly Tape (Sequin Effect)


Bright Pink

Coral Pink

Sky Blue





Sparkly tape (mirror/plain)




Sparkly tape (Special)


Silver lens (mirrored disco style)

Irredescent - Pink

Irredescent - Transparent

Irredescent Illusion - Green/transparent

Irredescent Illusion - White/transparent

Transparent tapes will show the tubing beneath and give a beautiful shimmer on top of the colour (black/transparent).

Hula Hoop Order Form

Thanks for submitting!


Yay! My hoop has arrived!  It's beautiful! Thank you so much. 

Double yay - I can still remember how to do it!!!

Clare Stobbs


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