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Hula Hoop

Lisa introduced hula hooping to her repertoire in 2015 whilst touring in Scotland and the North of England.  An exciting and quirky act it has gone from strength to strength since then.

Fast and fun, twirling and twizzling the hoops around at speed, giving a cheeky wave to the audience every now and then!

Lisa also has an LED hula hoop act available.  Beautiful and flowing, with mesmerising patterns created by the programmable hoops.

As with all her work please contact Lisa if you have a specific idea or theme to work with and she will be happy to create a bespoke performance just for you.

LED hula hoop - Lisa Truscott
Hula hoop - Lisa Truscott
Lisa Truscott - four hoops
Lisa Truscott - hula hoop
Lisa Truscott - LED hula hoop
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