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Happy New Year!!

Well here we are at the end of the first week of January. It’s been a while since I last posted here – it was a busy end to the year.

Jessie and Lisa performing the neck to neck spin on the ladder trapeze, performing with Incandescence over Christmas and New Year.

Mostly my November and December were taken over working with Incandescence Circus Theatre Company. From rehearsals in the deepest corner of Cornwall, to a six-week run of shows in Derby, it was one of the best contracts I’ve done yet! We were doing the same theme as last year, Vintage Circus. As part of this I get to be one half of a conjoined twin and during the first act my trapeze partner, Jessie, gets lifted out of our huge Crinoline up onto the trapeze. I would then join her and we do one of my favourite acts – the ladder trapeze. Not only do I love the equipment, but also the characters we have developed over the last two contracts are great fun – ‘Virginia and Valentine’ - I will miss her.

Over the course of the evening we performed two more shows, each as a different character: Hula hooping and web spinning as a clown, silks as a Geisha. This was especially interesting as we weaved our way in and out of moves on the silks with a big headpiece and chopsticks sticking out of them! But it was great. Several nights we received a standing ovation. And all of this in the beauty of Derby Roundhouse, the world’s first and oldest surviving railway house. With a fab events team from Vivid Experience all the hard work paid off and we had 25 fantastic shows, closing on New Years Eve – what a way to bring in the New Year with Jessie spinning from my neck.

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