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Great summer! (Shame about the weather)

Crikey – where did summer go? It’s been a while since my last post. They say time flies when you’re having fun and it’s certainly true! What a great summer. Unfortunately, not such great weather - the song should be changed to ‘August showers’.

Sunset at The Little Orchard Festival

I’ve just returned from a lovely little festival at a cider farm in Cornwall, The Little Orchard Festival, which was a bigger mudfest than any festival I’ve been to before – not to mention winds of 40-50 mph! I’ve just discovered the tent we were in was evacuated before the last set. We got out just in time, apparently! But none of that stopped the fun. It was a lovely festival and everyone got on with enjoying themselves despite the setbacks.

During August I’ve been back at Flambards with Ferdy the Fox, performing silks and a whole host of magic and illusion. This time I tried to get in the magical disappearing box myself…it’s a tight fit, I can tell you. Audience members often ask me where she goes and I can honestly say I don’t know how she does it!

I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing some visiting circus companies down here in Cornwall – two shows that couldn’t be more different to each other: Circus Funtasia and ‘Tipping Point’ by Ockham’s Razor.

One was a sparkly, shining, all-smiling traditional circus show performed in a colourful big top. The other was a more down to earth, beautiful and mesmerizing piece of contemporary circus, performed in a warehouse at Royal Cornwall Showground.

Which did I prefer? Neither - I loved both of them for different reasons. The packed big top, with young and old watching in awe, laughing at the clown (who was actually funny!) and gasping at the aerial. The noise of the globe of death was immense and even my adrenalin was pumping from it. As we approach the 250th anniversary of Philip creating the first big ring circus in the UK, it was incredible to see so many people still enjoying this art in its traditional form.

Then a week or so later a more intimate audience, almost honouring the ‘in the round’ style of traditional circus: audience on all four sides in a square, making a circle in the space with salt falling out of an orbiting pole. The images that were created were stunning with Chinese poles used in unusual ways and the performers so close you could see their sweat, hear their breath and feel the electricity in the air as they swooped past you. It was breathtaking and I loved it.

And to finish off the summer, a photoshoot in my beautiful back garden for a new and exciting business adventure with fellow performer Lisa Whitmore (watch this space as this idea develops). It’s quite something to be able to put a free-standing aerial rig up in your own back garden and take photos with a simply stunning background. Wouldn’t want to be doing it this week though…far too cold and windy!

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